City officials in Dalton, Georgia didn't hold back their opinion about President Obama's visit to discuss an economic plan targeted to help middle class Americans.

They believe it will take a whole lot more than Amazon's $11 dollars an hour wage offerings to boost Dalton's unemployment rate that currently stands at 11.9% this June.

Recent statistics reveal; the real estate market in NW Georgia is on the rise. As new homes are being built or old ones are being renovated, the carpet industry in Dalton will receive a lot more business.

According to the Georgia Department of Labor;  local carpeting and manufacturing companies will be looking to hire over 40,000 people to fill various positions. They will need mechanics, PLC operators and industrial operators.

If you are looking for employment in Calhoun, Dalton and the NW Georgia area.  A good recourse is the Georgia Department of Career Centers, their staff can help you look up the skill and educational requirements employers are looking for.  They can also recommend training programs or online courses if needed.

For additional information call 706-272-2301 or the LaFayette Career Center at 706-638-5525

Shaw Industries is holding a job fair from 9am - 2pm July 31.  The location is, 1406 Chattanooga Ave in Dalton.  The companies job site is, www.ShawFloors.Jobs.