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Congressman Fleischmann Responds to President Obama’s Speech

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Congressman Fleischmann addressed President Obama's speech in Chattanooga Tuesday afternoon.

"I am pleased the President is again focusing on jobs and tax reform and it's fitting that he has chosen Tennessee to approach these topics.  Tennessee, thanks to our state leadership, low taxes and right to work policies, has outpaced the nation in manufacturing jobs.  There are certainly some tips on creating a pro-growth environment he could gather while in our great state."

Fleischmann 2012 proposal was very similar to the president's proposed corporate tax offer.

"In today's speech the President mentioned a lower corporate tax rate and an increased focus on manufacturing jobs and infrastructure.  However, until he does more than give a speech on these issues I'll remain in the ‘believe itwhen I see it' category.  In his past two budgets the President has completely cut all funding to the Chickamauga Lock and his overly burdensome policies have continued to impede actual job growth.  I do hope to see real tax reform in the near future, and a true shift to pro-growth policies from this administration.  It's something I believe all Americans can agree we need."

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