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Bulletproof chairs

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If it looks like an ordinary computer chair, well that's by design.
So someone walking the halls of a school isn't tipped off.
Kristen Benavides,Sales Manager, Neutral Posture, "They typically tend to go to the path of least resistance."
Kristen Benavides is a former teacher and a mother of young children.
She now works for Neutral Posture, the company selling the Guardian chair.
Kristen Benavides, Sales Manager, Neutral Posture, "This outer covering is actually a removable bulletproof vest."
she says if districts don't want to arm teachers, this chair is something simple that can still save lives if an active shooter is on campus.
S/ kristen benavides/ sales manager, neutral posture  :29 - :38
"there's two things i can do. I can duck behind the chair as a shield, and you actually have a double layer of bulletproof kevlar there."
or... You can throw it over your body... Velcro the straps... And wear the covering as a bulletproof vest.
S/ kristen benavides/ sales manager, neutral posture  :45 - :49
"if you think about the first line of defense. The person at the security desk."
it's not cheap, though. The list price on the website is nearly nineteen hundred dollars.
And right now, the vest only fits one type of chair.
But as schools strike a balance between being prepared and living in a bubble, benavides says the chair might be a good option.
S/ kristen benavides/ sales manager, neutral posture  1:05 - 1:13  note: last part of sot is covered with video
"if we can't have every door badged, if we can't have bulletproof glass in the front office, then maybe we can have something a little bit inconspicuous like this.
She hopes her kids never have to use this -- but the protection's there if they need it.
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while school security is top of mind for a lot of people, the company says the guardian chair could be used inside a lot of 
public places like banks, city council meetings or human resource departments.
And chairs aren't the only bulletproof options...companies are making bulletproof white boards, bulletproof backpacks.

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