The buzz continues to grow in the Scenic City ahead of Tuesday's visit from President Obama.

A lot of work goes into hosting the president's two hour visit. Contractors spent Monday sprucing up the Amazon site "like new."

"A little final touch up, we've put in new mulch, maintenanced the whole property, we're getting our waterfall working and tightening up loose ends," said Shon Patterson.

From pressure washing and re-striping the parking lot to simply raising the American flag, Patterson and his crews work long days prepping for POTUS.

"I got the call Thursday night. Friday morning I was here. And we started bringing in the mulch. We've been working day and night," he said.

Patterson is project manager at All 1 Service in Douglasville, Ga. He and his crews are going on 72 hours of landscaping work all for the president's visit.

Since the White House confirmed the president's trip, Patterson said he's had nine semi trucks deliver more than 700 yards of mulch to the distribution center at Enterprise South.

"I've changed all the flowers up front, put in more flowers in the seasonal parking lot, trimmed up trees and just general maintenance that needs to be done. Pretty much the biggest thing is nine semi truck loads of mulch," he said.

Patterson said he's both contracting local folks to help and buying from local suppliers. He said the waterfall is flowing for the first time in two years. The flowers are patriotically color-coordinated red, white and blue. And on the inside, there's a brand new coat of paint in every room the president will visit.

This type of prep is a first for Patterson: showcasing his work for the Commander in Chief.

"I've put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this place," he said. "I hope he likes it."

Patterson said Amazon has contracted with All 1 Service since it moved to Chattanooga. He said he also works on other Amazon centers around the country.