The Armstrong family unwraps bundles of food Saturday morning just before the morning rush. It's breakfast time at Johnston Park, but it wasn't always this way.

Rising high school senior Lindsey Armstrong came up with the idea a couple months ago while on a morning jog.

"Every morning I saw a woman that stayed on a bench, I brought her breakfast one morning," explains Lindsey.

She realized the local Soup Kitchen served meals Monday through Friday once a day, and local churches served meals on Sundays. She was determined to help those less fortunate on Saturdays.

"She came home to my husband and I and said this is what I feel like I need to do, will you help? We're like sure," explains Kristi Armstrong, Lindsey's mom. 

"We made 48 muffins and brought it out here," Lindsey says.

Those 48 muffins quickly turned into a family run operation with all the meal essentials for breakfast and lunch. Meanwhile, Lindsey got to know the people they were feeding.

"The relationships have been most rewarding," she says. "Anything they need we find a way."

Now she consider's everyone family which, fittingly, is what she began to call their Saturday reunions "The Family Kitchen."

"To see that we have built a family is amazing," says Lindsey.

She says they're always in need of more vegetables, both fresh and canned and to go boxes. If you'd like to help you can find out more at