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Residents hope President Obama’s visit help workers financially

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President Obama kicks off his "Better Bargain for the Middle Class" tour at the Amazon fulfillment center off Bonny Oaks Drive Tuesday.

News of his visit to the Scenic City is receiving mixed reactions, but it seems most people agree something needs to be done to help Chattanooga's workers financially.

President Obama plans to layout his plans for job growth and better wages for the first time as he tours Chattanooga's Amazon fulfillment center Tuesday.

"I hope he has something positive to say and I hope he stands behind his word," said Savanna Decker, Amazon employee.

Amazon employee Savanna Decker is anxious to hear the president's plan, saying she's blessed to have a full-time job, but that it's just not enough to support her two teen daughters.

"The pay is not good, the hours are not good, they're cutting a lot of our benefits," said Decker.

But she says getting a better paying job isn't easy in Chattanooga. Olsten Staffing Services says that seems to be a lot of people's problem.

"I'm seeing a lot of turnover, going from job to job," said Jo Ann Forman, Olsten Staffing Services.

Just this month, they've already had 200 come in looking for work.

"As far as Chattanooga adding jobs, I'm just not seeing it," said Forman.

Instead, she says several of local employers are laying off workers.

"Volkswagen just laid off 500 plus and that effect the suppliers. The suppliers of course had to lay people off," said Forman.

Also pointing to around 80 workers being let go from good paying jobs at french power company, Alstom.

"Every single one of those guys said they were having trouble finding new jobs," said Forman.

We're told President Obama's speech will focus on manufacturing and high wage jobs for durable economic growth and' proposals to jumpstart private sector job growth.

Some locals doubt anything will get done, while others are hopeful.

"Oh, this should be very interesting," said Dora Bridgman.

"Thats' what we voted to have him in office for is to try to get things moving forward," said Kenneth Love.
A time for the president's visit Tuesday has not been released. We're also not sure at this point if it will be open to the public or not, but we'll make sure to let you know once we find out.

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