Repairs continue inside South Pittsburg Elementary school a little more than two weeks after historic flash flooding swept through the town. The mud and dirt were cleared within a couple days, but there's still plenty to do if school is to start on time next month.

"The rest of the time has been spent removing tile, replacing tile and re-waxing, cleaning a lot. Sanitizing furniture," explains Principal Donna Blansett.

She says crews have been putting in long hours getting the school back to normal. Repairs have been needed in several classrooms, the cafeteria, gymnasium, and the teachers lounge.

"We've had crews working through the night every night getting ready for this. So hopefully by the time we have registration on August 8th we'll be ready to go," says Blansett.

She's been reassured by the crews, some who have come from out of town, that everything will be completed by the end of the weekend, allowing time to get everything else in order and begin classes begin.

Also, with repairs going smoothly, the teachers will finally have a chance to come back to the school for the first time since the flood. Good news for Principal Blansett since many anxious teachers have been calling and texting, wanting to return.

"Hopefully I can let them in Monday and they can each go to their rooms and do inventory," says Blansett. "A lot of personal things."

She says the only area which won't be ready on time is the gym. She'll have to rely on mother nature to cooperate until it's finished.

"We'll be outside. Let's just hope it doesn't rain the way it's been raining," exclaims Blansett.

She adds that teachers' personal items damaged by the flooding should be covered by insurance, as well as the repairs to the building. If all goes as planned, school will start as scheduled on August 12.