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Cleveland neighbors giving city park a facelift

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Neighbors say the Blythe Community Park in Cleveland has been neglected by the city for more than a decade. They're fed up and now taking matters into their own hands.

Shovel load after shovel load, the youth of Blythe Community are determined to give their park a face lift. Something the city hasn't done in some 12 years says Kim Lorello, "the city just sort of forgot about it, I don't think it was in a bad way but there's so much more to do it's just not high on the list."

With the next closest park out of walking distance for the neighboring 200 families, this project is high on Lorello's list. She's formed the New Blythe Community Association.

Lorello said, "you can't always expect people to come in and fix things for you in this day and age, you have to fix things yourself."

With no budget they're relying on donations. They were given a truckload of mulch which the kids were eager to dive into.

Along the way they're learning life lessons, "I'm happy that others get to work on it so we work together as a community," said neighborhood kid Jade Hathaway.

In addition to the new mulch, they plan to add a small soccer field, a picnic area, a new basketball court and much needed new fencing.

Again all done with no budget and so far no help from the city, "I think that for this neighborhood it represents pride in the fact that they can do it themselves and it represents the fact that we're investing in our own place," said Lorello.

They're waiting on a grant from national United Way, in the meantime they're looking for donations of obvious things like a missing basketball hoop. You can check their progress or help donate by clicking here.

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