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Elderly residents wait to return home following flood

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The flood-ravaged town of South Pittsburg is still cleaning up. It's been two weeks since flash flooding damaged most of the downtown, including an apartment complex for the elderly and disabled.

Repairs are underway, but we learned Wednesday, it could be another two months before residents can return home.

86-year-old James Case is one of eight Chester Powell residents displaced by the South Pittsburg flood.

"I'm staying upstairs with a friend. So I was lucky, I didn't have to go out nowhere," said James Case, displaced resident.

Other residents have moved in with family members or friends while the entire first floor of the apartment complex for senior citizens is repaired.

"We've been through a lot," said Terry Case, Executive Director.

"The devastation it left behind was tremendous," said Terry Case.

It's been two weeks since several inches of water filled the first floor, bringing with it mud, and at least $200,000 in damage.

"All the floors. We found some cabinets today that have water damage. Water got in refrigerators. We've got appliances that have damage," said Terry Case.

Even the elevator flooded,trapping one resident. The entire building was evacuated. Residents on the top three floors have been allowed to return.

"We're hoping between 30 and 60 days to have everything back to normal," said Terry Case.

For now volunteers are helping to make residents comfortable.

"They sure have. I don't know what we would have done. They've brought us meals and stuff like that," said James Case.

Terry case says the center is waiting on HUD funds and insurance money, but has been given the green light to move forward with repairs.

He says helping residents replace what they lost will be more difficult.

"I'm requesting people just help the residents get back to some normalcy after we get this thing back together," said Terry Case.

Until then, James case is keeping a positive attitude.

"Stay where I'm out I guess, stay where I'm at. It don't bother me. I'm just as content as I can be," said James Case.

Four other public housing homes were damaged,displacing families. Those families have been able to return and repairs are complete.

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