Two of the nation's biggest softball tournaments are in Chattanooga.

They're expected to bring in more than $3 million in revenue for the city.

"I'm from Danville, Illinois." "I'm from Crown Point, Indiana." "I'm from St. Peters, Missouri," yelled out parents and players as Ch.3 walked through the crowd with cameras rolling.

That just scratches the surface of states in the Scenic City this week for the National Softball Association World Series.

"This is the crème de la crème of female youth softball," said Chattanooga Sports and Events Committee President Tim Morgan.

157 teams ranging from ages 10 to 18 from all over North America are here trying to win a national championship.

Morgan says by hosting alone, Chattanooga is the big winner. He's estimating a near $2 million economic impact.

"That means people are staying in our hotels, eating at our restaurants and visiting our attractions. All of the business is impacted. They're spending new money not revolving money, they're spending new money," said Morgan.

The tournament ends on Saturday, giving Morgan and the city only a few days to prepare for the ASA World Series where an additional 100 teams from around the nation will travel to Chattanooga.

Morgan says the ASA World Series will make about $1.5 million economic impact, which doesn't count what these families may spend in our city down the road.

"The people are very hospitable; it's gorgeous down here. I've heard one, I've heard 100 say I'd love to move down here, so it's awesome," said Mark Bryant in from Danville, IL.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday they're playing at Warner park, The Summitt and Camp Jordan. Saturday's championship games will be at The Summitt.