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North Georgia business owner being blamed for blood sucking problem

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Lake Kathy Road in North Georgia is swarming with mosquitoes; some resident are blaming one man for the blood sucking pests.

The property in question is in the 3500 block of Lake Kathy Road. Behind the property's fence sits hundreds upon hundreds of tires. With the recent wet weather, residents fear it has become a breeding ground for the annoying, seemingly always present, blood sucking mosquito.

Even the electric workers down the street say they've been hounded by them.

"Most of my crew is getting eaten up real bad by the mosquitoes," Dustin Kelley says.

"I'm about 130 pounds so they pretty much almost carried me out of here," says Mick Whitple.

It seems the problem may be coming from one particular area.

"The further you get down the road here, the worse it gets," explains Kelley.

The property owner, Bill Boyle, says he has a license to run a scrap tire business, and he's just trying to make a dollar.

He picks up tires from area businesses and sells them for $8 a tire or gets rid of them at Liberty Tire Recycling in Calhoun, GA. 

However, he admits he has about 6,000 tires on his property, and has fallen behind on getting rid of them.

As far as the insect problem that comes with piles of scrap tires, he says the mosquitoes have always been here.

Channel 3 contacted the Environmental Protection Agency in Georgia. A spokesperson says there is a carrier permit attached to Boyle's address, which means he's allowed to take tires and dispose of them. However, if he doesn't have a sorter's permit he's not allowed to hold those tires on his property.

At this time its not clear if Boyle has a sorter's permit for his small scrap tire business.

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