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Window washers dress in costumes at Pennsylvania children's hospital

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HERSHEY, PA (WGAL) Some popular super heroes traded in their special powers for window washing equipment and converged on Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital.
Their mission, brighten the day of some of the youngest patients.
One of those is C.J. Hoover who has been through so much in his first 17 months.

The young boy fought a fierce battle with leukemia in March, and knocked the cancer into remission.

But he's still back in the hospital almost every week for chemo and check-ups.

"We're not in this alone and it's good to know there are people around us that support us and provide care and even a small thing like a smile," said Clayton Hoover, C.J.'s dad.

On Monday, C.J. and other young patients were surprised to see super heroes scaling the size of the hospital.

A lot of the children were probably too young to fully appreciate the gesture, but their parents took it to heart.

For a minute, the super heroes helped wipe their worries away.

"We're in a comfortable place, we'll get through this and C.J. will come out just fine," Hoover said.

In true superhero fashion, after saving the day, they quietly slipped away, off to their next mission.

But they hoped to leave the young patients empowered to fight their health battles with the same kind of courage that comes with a cape.

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