It was an action packed day for volunteers and participants that attended the 22nd Annual SPARC Adaptive Water Ski Clinic.

Anyone living with a disability in the Chattanooga area was encouraged to enjoy their day out on the water. The top favorites Saturday included - tubing, paddle boarding and adaptive water skiing.

"Is there anything you can't do? No! Yeah!" said Sharon Stoleberg.

Sharon Stoleberg isn't letting her disability get in the way of doing all the outdoor activities she enjoys.

Saturday, Sharon and 250 other community members living with a disability ranging from: MS, Cerebral Palsy, a spinal cord or head injury put their challenges on the back burner and had some good old fashion fun on Possum Creek.

"It's so much fun you get to see people smile and have a good time," said Randal Braker, Volunteer.

We watched one boat after another, take off, pulling anyone willing to water ski or glide on a tube.

Safety came first, trained boat divers, ski instructors, doctors, paramedics and local SPARC volunteers were within reach.

All this planning is greatly appreciated by those that wait all year to enjoy this event

"I've been able to meet people and see what they can do after an injury. It helped me realize my life wasn't over after my wreck," said Gale Clark.

"Never use something as an excuse. Like Nike says - Just Do It," said Stoleberg.