CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB)- A "miscommunication" has resulted in late paychecks for thousands of Hamilton County school employees. Superintendent Rick Smith says the error is being gradually fixed.

Paychecks are direct-deposited, and according to Smith, the miscommunication between the school district, the Hamilton County Trustee's office, and First Tennessee Banks resulted in employee paychecks not being deposited for the most recent two-week pay period.

Smith says he expects the money to be deposited into employees' accounts "by Monday morning at 8 a.m. at the latest." He said that First Tennessee Bank accounts had been deposited, and Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union customers now have their paychecks as well.  Other large banks should be deposited by Saturday morning at 8, and every employee should be taken care of by Monday morning at the latest.

He added that employees should keep track of documentation of any financial losses so that all late fees or other penalties will be reimbursed.

He said there were concerns about the pay period on Thursday, but "we asked questions and were assured that there would be no problems."  He concluded, "I would like to apologize to our employees.  This should not have happened, we intend to make it right, and we are taking steps to see that it doesn't happen again."