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Cleveland woman rescued after tree falls on house

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Late night storms are being blamed for causing a tree to fall on a Cleveland woman's home in the middle of the night.

The woman became trapped in the house on Old Tasso Place, and had to be rescued.

It was unbelievable seeing the damage in person, the home is completely destroyed. A massive tree fell right on top of it, cutting it in half. 

It is such a miracle that everyone inside was unharmed. We talked to Victoria Coulter and her husband Thursday. 

They described the whole terrifying experience when they first realized the roof collapsed on top.   

Victoria was sleeping in bed with her dog. She says she heard a loud noise one minute and then saw a tree branch and leaves inches from her face the next moment.

Victoria then stayed in bed for a few seconds, in shock not knowing what to do next.  

Her husband was in the other room and was calling out her name asking if she was ok.  

The couple and the dog crawled out where they saw an opening, without a scratch.  

The couple says they are grateful to be alive and credit their faith in God and the Bradley County EMS team that responded quickly.

"It was a technical rescue. The tree was through the whole backside of the house and two parked vehicles. One was completely crushed by the tree," said

"I had the trailer and everything laying on me. I'm lucky and the lord was looking out over me," said Victoria Coulter.

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