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Crews working to clean up Suck Creek Road

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Heavy rains washed out a part of Suck Creek Road. But, drivers who travel it almost everyday say there have been ongoing problems.

Crews are working to clean up the landslide caused by last week's storms. Officials with TDOT say they're aware of other spots along the road that need work.

But, for now, flood damage in other areas like South Pittsburg are keeping crews busy.

"We're getting to things as we can get to them. We only have so many people and materials and equipment to go around, so we're working on that slide there and like I said as I get other crews free, we do have a couple of places we have a few places that we are going to patch on Suck Creek Road," said Ken Flynn, TDOT.

TDOT tells us suck creek road was last paved in 2007. Roads are usually paved about every 12 years.

While it's not in the budget, the agency does plan to look into the ongoing problems.

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