Elliot Sudal, an experienced fisherman, hooked a 200-pound sandbar shark on Sunday, pulling it out of the water before managing to wrestle the massive fish back into the ocean.

The 24-year-old man was fishing for bluefish off the Nantucket coast.

Earlier in the day, Sudal has hooked three other sharks, but all were able to free themselves before being reeled into shore.

Using one of the bluefish he caught earlier as bait, Sudal cast his line out into the surf and reeled in the 200-pound female sandbar shark.

Wrestling with the beat for almost 45 minutes, the angler managed to bring the shark to shore. That's when Sudal ran out into the surf to finish the job with his bare hands.

A crowd gathered to watch the battle between the young man and the sea.

Sudal told the New York Daily News "It's a pretty crazy thing with the waves crashing and this shark trying to bite your hand off."

After bringing the shark in, Sudal returned the animal to the water. "I always let them go," he said. "Especially female sharks—it's important for conservation."