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UPDATE: South Pitt flood victims still in need of supplies

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Volunteers help get Ryan Lewis' life back to some normalcy after flood waters left his home a muddy mess.

"When I looked out the door it was a foot high. Within an hour it was three feet high."

Lewis has dried out after five floods in South Pittsburg and says he asked the city for help after each one.

"Upset doesn't really cover it. It has costs us tens of thousands of dollars over the last 13 years. Nothing has been done and to be honest I don't think anything will be done this time."

The mayor doubts any federal money will trickle down to the city.

Jane Dawkins says an outdated sewer system is first on the list of repairs but there's no room in the budget for an immediate fix.

"Our drainage system needs some attention. We will need assistance. We are not financially in a position to redo an entire drainage system," Dawkins says.

More volunteers helped Monday through the city's call system as families like Lewis' are still in need of help.

Police Chief Dale Winters says, "Volunteers are checking in now and sending them to areas where help is needed. We have elderly people who can't do anything."

Lewis says after five floods everyone has a breaking point.

"This is the last. There will not be a sixth for me. Wherever I live will be a hill."

The city is still in need of cleaning supplies like mops, brooms, and shovels. Call the volunteer help line at 423-486-2151.

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