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St. Louis pastors offer toy gun swap

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ST. LOUIS (KSDK) -- A group of St. Louis area pastors are taking a different approach to combating crime. They're putting a new spin on the traditional "gun buyback" by getting kids to give up their toy guns and violent games.

They hope to spark conversations with everyone who brought their toy guns about the culture of violence and change the way kids think about playing by replacing those toys that mimic violence with ones that don't.

Johnise McKinney brought her five year old to drop off his toy guns at the O'Fallon Park Recreation Complex.

"We brought in about eight or nine guns," she says.

The Berkeley mother says she doesn't buy toy guns for him, but other people do.

"They're like 'oh it's just a gun, it's a water gun it won't do much.' But to me it's very important because eventually those toy guns turn into real guns and that's not something I want for my son."

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