Founders of the Christian Bryant Foundation visited T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital at Erlanger and also made a donation to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and the Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. 

Children's Hospital cared for Christian Bryant when she was battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2011. She succummed to her battle with cancer less than a year later.

The family visited the hospital to see some of the staff who cared for her and to speak with family members who would benefit from the foundation's donations.

The family formed the foundation after Christian's death to keep her legacy alive. The family raised money to purchase 11 new chairs for the waiting room and private rooms in PICU.

"It sounds so silly to be so excited over a chair, but when you have been sitting or standing for so long, it is just nice to lay back and stretch out,"  said Suzy Davis, a grandmother of a patient.  "I am touched they have turned their pain into something for other people.  It is the epitome of who they are.  My heart goes out to them."

They also donated $6,000 to the Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders Center which was made possible by a gift from the GPS/McCallie Mission/Remission event. Their fundraising efforts will offer patients the opportunity to participate in a research study led by the Children's Oncology Group.

The research study will allow patients to receive, free of charge, testing for the difficulties at three different times during their care at Children's Hospital.

Children's Hospital representatives are extremely grateful for the Bryant's generosity to provide support to its departments and the families whose love ones are treated at the hospital.