One man said it could be compared to the life a vampire might lead. Here, away from the mainstream, like-minded people come together, remove the masks and show their true colors -- and there are a lot of colors at a tattoo convention.

Fred Schiller, a Knoxville resident, said Saturday he has a thing for vampires. And Kat Von D. When the world-famous tattoo artist Von D (or von Drachenberg) put on fangs and took to the nocturnal scene as a vamp in 2009's "The Bleeding," it was a beautiful marriage for him, he admitted.

But that may not be a conversation Schiller could have with a client at his day job. He works in commercial refrigeration, he said Saturday. On the job, he takes the dangling earrings and the lip ring out.

"I'm intimidating enough with these," he said, holding up both arms. Each is more than 80 percent covered with ink sleeves. Almost all his tattoos were done by Danny Fugate, Schiller's brother and organizer of the first Chattanooga Tattoo Convention.

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