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Stay digitally connected during potential disasters

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Maybe you've noticed that with all the wildfires, flooding, and severe storms of late, that in addition to first responders, there are those responding on social media.

And these days, that also means the responding agency.

"Agencies and groups like The American Red Cross are adapting to the ways individuals are getting their information. So, whereas before we would really be concentrating on getting alerts out on the radio, we can now use our social media apps to tell people where to find a shelter in the middle of a storm," said Anne Marie Borrego of the Red Cross.

Anne Marie Borrego says it's become a priority for emergency agencies across the country to maintain a twitter account or a Facebook page to communicate with those in harm's way.

She says it should be that way for the general public, too.

At the very least, download alert apps to your phone, which practically every TV station in the country offers for free.

"There are other federal agencies that are providing apps. There are a number of great weather apps from the weather channel that you could download as well," said Borrego.

Those apps might come in handy just a few weeks from now, during the height of what's supposed to be an active hurricane season.

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