Clean up efforts continue after a flash flood tore through Marion County Wednesday night.

The heavy rainfall was expected, but no one could've predicted the destruction it wreaked.

Estimates put damages over the million dollar mark, after less than two days of assessments.

City officials tell us they're making progress, but there's still a lot to be done with assessing the damage and of course the cleanup process could take a while.

Friday they say they're focusing on roads, where they're already getting some back in working order.
Flood damage from Wednesday night's flood stretches to the far corners of South Pittsburg.

Richard City residents are also picking up the pieces.

"The water came swishing down and made a big hole right here and just washed the bridge out. And it started coming down that way, and it kept on coming," said Georgia Chance, Richard City resident.

Georgia Chance could only sit on her porch and watch as flood waters swept away her bridge on Hughes Road.

But she says the worst damage happened on this bridge that leads to her mother in laws house off of Chance Road.

"She's a diabetic, and she's got high blood pressure and stuff. And then they got little kids, the next door neighbor has little kids. In case something happens, how are they going to get out," said Chance.

Georgia says she's lucky the city was quick to fix the bridge leading to her house on Friday. But she worries about her neighbors up the road.

"There's nine, or seven, or eight houses up in there that has got families in it. They need to get up there too, because they have no way in or out. If something happens to the kids, then what are they going to do," said Chance.

While city crews are working to fix the damage, residents are doing the same at their own homes.

We're also learning more about the more scary moments that happened Wednesday night. We caught up with a woman who was swept more than two blocks down a road with her two young children clinging to her.

She says she's alive today thanks to the help of a local family.