A North Georgia community is rallying around a young Walker County teen putting up a big fight against cancer. The 15-year-old Gordon Lee High student is needing a bone marrow transplant and his family is spreading the word for people to join the national bone marrow registry.

Cameron Scroggins found out last December he has Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. He was on the path to recovery when he relapsed in June. Doctors told him he needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. While the rest of his family waits the six to eight weeks to find if they are a good match, they are urging anyone and everyone to join his fight.

"Don't take stuff for granted. I was 15 years old and just the turn of an x-ray I was told I had cancer," says Scroggins.

Doctors told Cameron he has a 50 percent chance of beating stage four Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma with a bone marrow transplant.

"We have a rough road ahead of us. But, we have to have a bone marrow transplant,"says Trina Robinson, Cameron's mom.

Trina was overwhelmed by the response of strangers who turned out for a bone marrow drive friends and family held for Cameron earlier this week.

"It was wonderful to see how many people actually care," says Cameron.

"It's a simple, large cue tip swab on the inside of your cheek. It's painless. It's quick. It's very easy," says Dr. Avery Mixon, talking about the registry process.

Dr. Mixon is a pediatric oncologist at Children's Hospital at Erlanger. He says while donating blood, you can give extra samples to go to the bone marrow registry, or a simple mouth swab will do.

"Having the option for giving somebody a bone marrow transplant allows us to give them a much higher dose of chemotherapy than we would otherwise be able to give," says Mixon.

"We have to have a match by October," says Trina.

Trina says she is confident her son, a strong, determined athlete, will hit the field again.  

"If we didn't have our faith and I didn't have the faith that I have in him, we couldn't get through a day," she says.

"My mom's been there for me everyday," says Cameron.

Cameron says on top of all of the support, he has learned a lot about himself and other kids going through the same thing.

"Just because you see a bald kid, he's not diseased. He's not weird or anything. He's just a kid that's fighting something that he can't control."

You can go to any local hospital or blood drive center and ask to join the bone marrow registry. You can also mention 'Cameron Scroggins' to make sure your sample is going to help him out. For more information on the donation process, go to www.bethematch.org.

Mark your calendars. Family and friends of Cameron will be putting on a fundraiser to help his family with expenses. It's called 'Push, Pull, and Flip for Cameron.' It is being held Sept 21, 2013 at 10:00am in the yard of Crystal Springs Print Works in Chickamauga, Georgia.

It's an obstacle course for children and adults...with obstacles such as tractor tire flipping, pulling yourself over a wall, pushing football dummies, sand bag carry, army crawl, tire and ladder run through, hurdles, etc.

The entry fee is $25 (money includes a shirt and entry into obstacle course). For more information, call Marie Tarvin at (423) 488-4343.