UPDATE:  Investigators still don't know what started the fire that nearly destroyed a Red Bank apartment building.

The three alarm fire started this afternoon at the Chalet Apartment complex on Dayton Boulevard.

Nearly 100 firefighters from multiple agencies responded to the scene, where they battled the fire and heat exhaustion.

As two dozen families look for housing, it wasn't until she heard sirens, that Meredith Atwood realized her apartment building was on fire.

She grabbed her neighbor's dog and ran outside.

"I heard some people yelling and I heard some sirens so I went out on the balcony to see what was going on and I could see the smoke coming out of the last apartment and a guy was down there yelling get out, get out, there's a fire," said Meredith Atwood, Displaced by fire.

Building D caught fire around 3 p.m., residents swimming at the community pool spotted heavy smoke coming from this third story unit and called for help.

"Thankfully they were able to get here it seems like fairly quickly," said Atwood.

Firefighters went door to door clearing the building. An elderly couple had to be helped out.

Another resident suffered minor burns.

"We did transport one for a minor burn. She was a resident. (The burn) was on her forearm and on to her back," said Amy Maxwell, Hamilton County Ems.

Firefighters used wet towels and plenty of water to fight through the heat.

A few were treated for heat exhaustion, as others worked to put out hot spots.

The fire destroyed at least 8 units. Several more were damaged by smoke or water, leaving 24 families without a home.

The local red cross opened a shelter at Red Bank Baptist Church to help those families.

The American Red Cross says they may have other units. If not, we've got case workers who can work with them to find them a more permanent solution.

Meredith Atwood is hoping to stay with friends, as she comes to grips with what was lost.

"The blessing is it seems like no one is hurt, but it's definitely hard to see your stuff more than likely be lost," said Atwood.

Fire crews stayed on scene into the evening to make sure all hot spots were out,to avoid the fire re-igniting.

There is still no word on what started the fire, or the dollar amount of damage it caused.


Twenty-four families will be staying in hotels or with family members Friday night after a massive fire broke out at The Chalet Apartment Friday afternoon in Red Bank.  

A resident at The Chalet Apartments was swimming at the pool when he noticed heavy smoke coming from a third floor apartment.

While more than 75 firefighters responded to the scene Walden's Ridge Emergency Services, Dallas Bay VFD, Signal Mountain Fire Department, Soddy Daisy Fire Department, Rossville Fire Department, East Ridge Fire Department, Highway 58 VFD and Lone Oak Fire Department were standing by at Signal Mountain and Walden's Ridge Emergency Services Fire Halls for any additional emergency calls.

HCEMS transported one female resident with minor burns to her back and forearm. No other injuries were reported.

The Red Bank Fire Department are investigating the cause of the fire. Damages are unknown at this time.

Fire officials say at least 6 to 8 apartments have fire damage or were destroyed. Several other apartments  have water and smoke damage.




The American Red Cross and Hamilton County EMS say agencies will set up a shelter for displaced residents affected by the fire. 

The Red Bank Fire Department is working a fire at the Chalet Apartments on Dayton Boulevard.

The fire broke our Friday afternoon in one of the buildings at the back of the complex.

It appears that eight or more units may be involved.

Firefighters had to break windows to get the blaze under control, and are not working between units to contain the fire.

Several residents were in their apartments when the fire broke out.

With temperatures in the mid-80's, firefighters are also battling the heat from the day as well as that of the fire. The safety gear the firefighters wear, being flame-proof, weighs close to 50 lbs.

Officials have called for additional firefighters and equipment from Mutual Aid to battle the blaze and smoke.

We have a crew at the scene and will bring you the latest details.