There were two big announcements made Thursday morning and two big checks that were presented afterwards. 

The first check will go towards expanding sidewalks connected to the Greenway. The next upgrade discussed, a state of the art energy efficient roof that will be built on South Cleveland's Community Center.

"Our original vision is to go from the Village Green to the Oasi river," said Cameron Fisher, Greenway Board Chairman.

The city of Cleveland is about to see a few upgrades after receiving a signature from Governor Bill Haslam this week.  The first approved grant centers around adding additional sidewalks to the Greenway. 

The 4 mile walking path that begins at Willow Street and ends near Tinsley Park. A check totaling nearly a whopping $500,000 was presented during the press conference - the Greenway Board Chairman says will add additional paths to an already popular path that will connect to other parts of town.

"We are going to connect with the current Greenway and head north of the Occee and what is good about this is it connects so many people to the Greenway," said Fisher.

The next check that was presented will go towards upgrading the South Cleveland Community center's roof. The city asked for and received $75,000. The director there says the original roof is over 40 years old and leaks .

"It will save about $32,000 over a 20 year period," said Fisher.

A start date on both of these projects has not been set.