A local man has hit the big time in Hollywood for screen writing. A Cleveland man came up with the concept and script for the summer blockbuster "Pacific Rim" that's released Friday, July 12. Carmike Cinemas is expecting big crowds in Cleveland Thursday night for an advanced showing filled with hometown pride.  

33-year-old Travis Beacham was born and raised in Cleveland. He graduated Cleveland High in '99, went to film school in North Carolina and moved out to California in 2005. His first big movie script was for "Clash of the Titans" in 2010. His parents, Bryan and Joy Beacham say "Pacific Rim" is the biggest one yet. He's working alongside director Guillermo del Toro.

"In restaurants, in grocery stores, anytime we get the opportunity we'll tell people about it," Travis Beacham's dad Bryan Beacham said.

They just got back from tinsel town themselves after attending the premier of "Pacific Rim" Tuesday. They were excited to see Travis  sign autographs and ride together in a limo.

"Takes you down Hollywood Boulevard, you get out right there at the red carpet, and people are behind barricades screaming and you're like 'whoa'," Travis Beacham's mom Joy Beacham said.

Travis Beacham came up with the story and screenplay for the sci-if movie. Several critics are calling it the "Star Wars of the summer" and Travis' parents agree.

"I got the same feeling watching it that I had when I first saw star wars. This is a big movie," Bryan Beacham said.

But perhaps their favorite part is at the end, when they see Travis' name on the silver screen twice.

"I got kind of choked up both times I saw it," Bryan Beacham said.

"Very proud because he's doing what he loves to do," Joy Beacham said.

Carmike Cinemas at the Bradley Square Mall is expecting a large turnout for the advance showings and all weekend. They're featuring it in their Big D Theater and boasting the hometown link on the movie posters.

"When your hometown comes to support you, you just have that swell of pride and encouragement and it drives you to do more," Complex Manager Allan Anaguilar for Carmike Cinemas at the Bradley Square Mall said.

"We hope it does really really well, so everybody go see it," Joy said.

All local Carmike theaters have advance showings of "Pacific Rim" Thursday night. In Cleveland they have two.

Travis was unavailable for an interview Thursday, because his parents said he's pitching a script for a TV show based the video game "halo." His graphic novel he wrote as a prequel to "Pacific Rim" hit the New York Times Bestseller List.