The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is searching for a violent sex offender and hope you can help find him.

In just the last month, detectives arrested six sex offenders for violating the registry, but they have not been able to serve arrest warrants on one man, 32-year-old Joshua Kilgore. His last known address was in the Lupton City area of Hamilton County.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office currently has 322 registered sex offenders to track. Parole has around an additional 150. They say more than half of those offenders violate the registry at some point, and when they do, they get arrested again. But, they have not been able to find one of their violent sex offenders in more than a month.

Hamilton County Detective Mike Cox keeps tabs on more than 300 registered sex offenders.

"We have several I've arrested within the last year three and four times," Detective Mike Cox said.

Cox has taken out two warrants on Kilgore who goes by the nickname "Cornbread." He's considered a violent sex offender after pleading guilty to aggravated statutory rape of a girl more than 10 years younger than him in 2008. The 14-year-old says she got pregnant from the rape but had a miscarriage. Kilgore just got off probation in May.

"Somebody like that who has demonstrated that he does have an affinity for children, because he had a relationship with a 14-year-old child, is a danger to society," Cox said.

Cox does routine checks on sex offenders to see if they are where they say they are. Last month, he discovered Kilgore was not living at the Lupton City address he gave, which violates the registry. He violated it a second time by not reporting for his required update in the month of June.

"He's avoiding prosecution; he's not come in to turn himself in, and he has not registered and right now, I have no idea where he's staying," Det. Cox said.

He hopes someone recognizes his picture and speaks up.

"I don't want to see that happen to another kid. He needs picked up," Cox said.

Kilgore is not allowed to live within a thousand feet of a school, daycare or park and isn't allowed to even go to parks where kids are. That's because of the nature of his crime.

"Not every sex offender is in that category and that's where misconception of the public is a lot of times," Det. Cox said.

Non-violent offenders may only have to stay on the registry for ten years. Others, like Joshua Kilgore, will stay on it all their lives.
Sex offenders who violate the sex offender registry get 90 days in jail for their first offense. The second time they get 180 days. They get a year for a third offense.

They're required to notify authorities to an address, phone or car change. They also pay a $150 fee every year.