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Nearly 100 geese killed after being rounded from Chatt State

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A pool is normally where you would see a gaggle of geese on Chattanooga's State campus but Wednesday they are all gone.

Word spread on Channel 3's social media pages when nearly 100 Canada geese were euthanized. It was the talk of the campus too.

The birds had been part of the campus years but as the population grew, so did the problems.

"With that comes quite the dilemma of the their mess with droppings and the mess on the sidewalks and in our yards," Eva Lewis with Chattanooga State says.

Lewis says the college used many non-lethal tactics like scaring the birds away even placing fake predators around the school to get them to leave.

The last choice was calling in the USDA.

Keith Blanton, the district supervisor, says federal wildlife employees rounded up the flock and planned to release them into a wildlife area more than 100-miles away, but most were full.

Euthanizing is a last resort. That decision didn't sit well with students.

"Well I thought it was kind of crazy. I don't know who was in charge of this killing," Joe St. John says.

"Honestly I think it was really awful. I love the geese that were here. I saw them have babies. I really enjoyed seeing them," Jenny Dethero says.

Blanton tells us the birds are known to come back to where they consider home so there wasn't a guarantee they would stay away from the campus.

Lewis says, "We hoped they would be relocated and told they would be but unfortunately we found out they were not able to do that."

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