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Trees still in danger of falling after floods

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The flood water around town is receding but some problems persist. Arborists are warning that trees could still fall down after this week's rain.

All this recent rain soaked the soil at the base of trees. Its roots then lose a sturdy foundation, causing trees to shift and eventually fall.

Both city crews and private tree removal companies have been busy all week cleaning downed trees across town.

City Arborist Gene Hyde said it's a busy time of year for his office already especially when factoring in floods. Hyde said even with the sunshine, it's possible more trees will fall in the coming days.

"Roots have to have water and oxygen to survive. Its got plenty of water for sure, but that water cuts off the source of air," he said.

Hyde said trees are ultimately "very forgiving" organisms and usually recover from lots of rain. But he said tree owners should try and provide good drainage around trees in case of heavy floods.

He said stress that are flood stressed exhibit a range of symptoms including: lead chlorosis and subsequent defoliation, reduced size and development of watersprouts from the main stem.

Hyde said proactive maintenance of tree health is the best way to content with periodic flooding.


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