One trip down Suck Creek Road and you quickly see where the Tennessee River overflows its banks. Once lush property landscaping sits under water.

Ranea Mullins has lived on the river for eight years. While she's watched the water level go up and down in the past she says this is the worst flood she's ever seen.

"That's never been a problem, I always said it'd be ok, it doesn't come up usually any further than that," Mullins explains.

However, as she watched the river rise Monday she realized her home was in jeopardy.

"During the day we kept seeing it come up and come up," says Mullins.

Friends helped her move all of her belongings to the second floor. All she can do now is wait and hope the water stays away.

"We'd like just a little bit more of communicating with us to let us know what's going on," Mullins says.

TVA officials say the river crested Tuesday just a couple inches below official flood stage. All four turbines at the Chickamauga Dam are pushing 1.4 million gallons of water per second for power. Officials don't expect the water level to rise any further, even with more rain in the forecast.

On Suck Creek Road the wet soil has TDOT crews working to stabilize the soil to prevent future mud slides. Crews will be working on the road for the next couple of days.