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Some Catoosa County roads still covered in water

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The rain may have stopped for now, but drivers in Catoosa County are finding some low-lying roads still haven't recovered and flood waters are making them impassable.

Throughout the day Monday, some re-opened one by one, but residents say they were surprised to see it still so deep in some spots.

"Turn around don't drown," Ringgold resident Robert Hensley said.

"It was open yesterday, so I told him let's try it today, so I thought it would be open today," his wife, Retta Hensley said.

Like many people driving around Ringgold Monday, the Hensleys got stopped at Old Mill Road, realizing water is too deep to try to drive through.

"Don't want to tear our car up, or your life, too. Plus, we have precious cargo, our granddaughter," they said.

Old Mill is just one of several Catoosa County roads prone to flooding. On Industrial Boulevard, you can see some trucks and other parts submerged. Workers at Mashburn Equipment say they try to prepare and move equipment out of the way before the water gets too high.

Little Chickamauga Creek is to blame for most of the flooding around Ringgold. Those who live along it say they've learned to expect it every time they get a heavy rain.

"We cross our fingers, hoping we don't have waterfront property again," Ringgold resident Suzanne Durham said.

Durham lives on Yates Springs Road. Monday morning, she awoke to water up to her driveway. She says that's much higher than usual. Now, it's gone down considerably, although her neighbor's yard still looks like a lake.

"I think last night's rain, late yesterday afternoon's rain topped it off. I mean we just can't soak up much more," Durham said.

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