A family is grieving the loss of one of their own Monday night, after police said an apparent murder-suicide attempt left a woman dead and put a man in the hospital.

It all started when a man contacted a pastor and said he was going to kill someone.

Two police agencies were working two different scenes Monday afternoon, but it was a quiet neighborhood in East Ridge where all the violence happened.

"I kind of heard a siren, and I was kind of concerned, and that's when I looked out and saw a police officer kick down the door. That's when it started kind of sinking in that something had happened," said Marion Avenue resident Tiffany Thennes.

Thennes said she didn't hear the gunshots,  but the rest of the scene unfolded before her eyes.

911 got a call around 1:30 p.m. that two people had been shot at a home on Marion Avenue in East Ridge.

"Police got here and found two parties who had been shot. One was deceased, the other one was transported by ambulance to Erlanger Medical Center," said. Cpl. Robert Wade of the East Ridge Police Department.

Erlanger wouldn't tell us the condition of Andre Smith, 35. Police said Clarisa Smith, 43, died inside her home from her injuries.

Neighbors said they're still in shock.

"It was more or less I didn't want it to sink in, that something could have happened to her because she was so sweet. But as soon as they carried out her body, it dawned on me that she was gone," Thennes said.

Earlier in the day, Chattanooga Police tried to catch the man who apparently told a pastor he was going to kill someone. The pastor said he thought the man lived on Moss Street, so CPD mobilized their swat units.

They found nothing at the home.

Back in East Ridge, Clarisa Smith's family members tried to come to terms with what happened. They stayed at the scene and mourned her loss for hours.

Thennes said Clarisa appeared to be close with her family.

"I hope her family can get over the grief. I know it's hard. I lost my grandmother two years ago; she was like my mom. My boyfriend lost his dad, so we understand how grief is," she said.

East Ridge Police said this is an ongoing investigation, and they're asking anyone with information to give them a call.

East Ridge Police said the scene on Marion Avenue was never a swat operation. Officers were in swat gear because they were training up the road before they were called to the incident.


SWAT and East Ridge Police responded to the scene of a shooting on Marion Avenue near Altamaha Avenue in East Ridge Monday afternoon.

Police responded to the area around 1:30 p.m. East Ridge Spokesperson Robbie Wade says they were called in regards to a shooting.

They found two people shot. Clarissa Smith, 43, was dead on arrival. Andre Smith, 35, of Moss Road, was also found with a gunshot wound. Officials say he was unresponsive and experiencing labored breathing

Smith was taken to Erlanger Medical Center's Emergency Room by ambulance. His current condition is unknown.

East Ridge Police's Criminal Investigations Division is currently investigating the incident. Preliminary investigation indicates that the incident was a murder/attempted suicide, but the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information concerning the incident is encouraged to contact the East Ridge Police Department