A Pennsylvania caver who fell in Ellison's Cave in Walker County returned home Saturday.

Dwight Kempf was rescued from Ellison's Cave in May after he fell 30 feet, bounced and fell another 30-40 feet.

It took nearly 24 hours and more than 100 rescuers to reach Kempf.

Kemp's femur had snapped through his skin, he broke several ribs, and fractured his skull.

Rescuers had to perform a blood transfusion in the cave.

He was taken to Erlanger Medical Hospital in critical condition and later moved to Atlanta for rehab.

Nearly six weeks later, Kempf was finally able to return home to Pennsylvania.

Dwight Kempf's Angels, a fundraiser created to raise money for the local cave rescuers who saved Kempf, posted on their website Sunday "Jill and Dwight are happily home safe and sound- Tomorrow Dwight starts pt in his home state."