Part of one the Dayton Boulevard mobile home park is under water Monday morning.

Residents tell Channel 3 the water was waist deep when they began evacuating fellow residents around midnight. Local police and fire were also on hand to help.

About 30 people from Fair Meadows Mobile Home Estates on Dayton Boulevard spent the overnight hours Monday at the neighboring Fire Hall. They moved back to their homes around sunrise.

Resident Tim Dye said the Ninemile Creek behind the neighborhood is a big reason for the flood. He said a downed tree in the creek is rerouting water directly into the park.

"I watched another car wash away," said Dye. "It's somewhere down Ninemile Branch, probably somewhere by Boy Scout Road by now. If it didn't finally flood out and sink."

"The water is fast," said Shane Bridges. "It picked up a car and carried it away, so you can only imagine what it could do to a person."

Resident Shane Bridges doesn't want to know what more these rushing waters could do. That's why he helped evacuate neighbors Monday morning at Fair Meadows Mobile Home Estates.

Neighbors like Teresa Penny.

"We walked outside and it was to the concrete of my trailer, and 20 minutes later it was halfway through my yard," Penny said.

Penny said the water got so high so fast, she was worried for her 2-year-old daughter's safety.

"If we lost footing I hate to think of what could happen," she said. "The way its been raining the past few days, we're gonna have standing water and making it even worse when it comes to mosquitos," she said.

As Penny preps for a new swarm of bugs, her neighbors say they've seen two copperheads since the water started receding Monday. Penny is ready for a fix to an old problem.

"Get someone in here and clean this creek out. There's something in there allowing it to back up and flood," she said.

Dye said the Red Cross met with displaced residents Monday morning and dropped off cleaning supplies.