Parts of Daisy Dallas Road in Hixson looked more like a raging river early Sunday morning.

Don Shackelford watched as the water slowly began to flood his property.

"Around 6:30 this morning there was a lot of water out here," Shackelford explains.

Just down the road the parking lot of Sequoyah Baptist Tabernacle Church was covered in white caps.

"It backs up down here through two places and so we wind up with this problem quite a bit," church member, Tom Million says. "We've had to replace the carpet in our church I believe two times, I know once."

Congregation members do their part to make sure the ditches surrounding the church are clear from debris. "Sometimes we have to have the county come out," says Million.

However, with several days of nearly constant rain there's not much they could do this time.
"We just pray and are thankful to the Lord that it's not worse," Million says.

As quickly as the water rose it disappeared, giving residents some time to pick up and the rain, thankfully, began to slow down.  

"I hope its over with," says Shackelford.