The rain has put quite the damper on the 4th of July weekend, but it's also causing problems for a neighborhood in Harrison.

Residents along Birchwood Pike said their yards flood every time it rains. They also said a nearby landfill is to blame.

The Pruitts spend a lot of time fixing up their back yard, but flood waters sweep their decorations away almost every time it rains.

"It's running down through here so fast, and they can't tell me this is wash water from the rain. It's got help, and I know exactly where it's coming from," said Birchwood Pike resident Eddie Pruitt.

About a half a mile up Birchwood Pike is a landfill operated by Santek Waste Services and overseen by the city of Chattanooga.

Mike Tudor lives next door to the Pruitts. He said he recently had to spend about $10,000 to fix his driveway when floodwaters overcame it. He said the water is constantly muddy, and he worries it could be toxic.

"It's run black, it's run purple, any color you want almost. It's even stained the rocks," Tudor said.

Tudor and Pruitt said they've reached out to the city for help. Inspectors did come to their properties earlier this week to check on it.

But in the mean time, they're forced to lay metal sheets to divert the water and keep it from their homes.

The water went down a bit by the time Channel 3 got to the scene on Saturday, but the flooding earlier had Pruitt worried he was going to lose his expensive propane tank.

"It's washing my property away. It's about to get into my buildings. Well, it's done got into my building today, but it's about to wash the foundation out the way it runs down here so fast," he said.

Pruitt said he's skeptical of the city's latest visit. He said he's reached out to them before, and still nothing has been done.

Channel 3 did speak with Chattanooga's Public Works Storm Damage Department head Danny Grier about the matter on Birchwood Pike. He told us he wasn't familiar with specifics, but an engineering team is taking a look at possible solutions to the problem. He also wouldn't say whether or not the landfill could be to blame for the flooding.