Rain, rain, it just won't seem to go away. However, if you look around North Chattanooga, downtown or near the Walnut Street Bridge you'll find daily routines go on as normal, at least for one group.

"The hardest part is getting started. Then once you go it's a matter of doing what you usually do," says runner, Barbara Ensign.

Ensign and Jill Ryan were drenched from the rain Saturday morning, but it doesn't deter them from their run.

"We run together at least three or four days a week and we're out here every Saturday morning," says Ryan.

In fact, these athletes say rainy days like this are good for runners.

"Because it's a light rain, it keeps you cooled off a little bit, no thunder, no lightning," explains Ensign.

The wet weather may have put a damper on Independence Day plans but at least there are a few who are determined not to get rained out.

"We'll do ten miles; we're at eight right now; we'll finish with ten," says Ensign.

Parts of the Tennessee Valley could see another two or three inches of rain through the weekend which could cause trees to fall since the ground is extremely wet.