There is a good side to all of this rain. Your power bill may be lower this month.

In fact, there's about a 10 % decrease from last July.

Excessive rain this year has led to high water and flooding, and this week washed out most Fourth of July events in the Chattanooga area.

But the extra rain has an upside when it comes to generating power. In its wettest year since 1994, the Tennessee Valley Authority has been able to pump record amounts of electricity from its least expensive source, hydro-electric dams.

According to the TVA, hydro-electricity is running 38 % above normal so far in 2013. This is due to a surplus of around 10 inches of rain in the region this year.

This means the company will spend 10 % less on the fuel portion of its electronic rates in July, passing a little bit of savings to you.

While TVA says the average customer may only save about $4.00 on this month's bill, some residents say, hey, every dollar counts.

"That's still good. That's still good. It's a change. $4.00 or $5.00 is a hamburger," said Jenkins.

Long-time Chattanooga resident Terrell Jenkins welcomes the rainy, cooler July weather since power bills are usually highest this time of year with most of us locked inside with the air conditioning on.

"Since it's raining and everything you can leave the windows open, open the doors, and that's all the air you need," said Jenkins

Last month saw the second highest hydro-generation in TVA history, with monthly records set back in February and May.

While residents and visitors took advantage of a break in the rain Friday, wet weather is expected to return this weekend. So water has been allowed to spill through Chickamauga Dam.

Jenkins doesn't want to hear that typical summer heat is back in the forecast for next week.

"I don't do heat well," said Jenkins.

And he doesn't want to see his electric bill go back up.
TVA officials say the amount you may save this month will vary and is also determined by individual usage habits.

Last year less than ten percent of the company's distributed power came from its hydro-electric generators.