An early morning shooting at a Chattanooga night club leaves one man dead and another injured.

21-year-old Ladarius Daniel was killed and 32-year-old Dedrick Hall was injured.

Now police are working the case. They are asking for any clues that will help them track down a suspect.

In the meantime, those who live and work near the business say it is disheartening to hear the shooting resulted with a homicide.

In the predawn hours, Chattanooga Police and emergency responders surrounded the event at 1622 Dodds Avenue. Channel 3 was there as one of the victims was loaded into an ambulance.

"They were standing out in the parking lot when the suspect shot them and fled the scene," says Nathan Hartwig with the Chattanooga Police Department.

Daylight reveals the number of evidence markers as investigators try to piece together what happened at the event business called 'Da Building.'

"To know that someone just got killed. That's a bit scary for me," says Tracy Anderson.

Just two doors down, Anderson runs the Rapture Hair Salon and says she and her daughters passed the crime scene on her way to work.

"We saw the tape and we were really shocked," she says.

The sign on the business says it is for bridal showers, wedding receptions and other events but neighbors and other nearby business owners say after midnight it turns into a 'bring your own booze' night club.

Anderson says she has never had too much trouble.

"At some point they were leaving a lot of trash, the overflow from the parking. That was nipped in the bud soon after I got here," says Anderson.

She made sure to secure her business from the crowds.

"We asked a guy just to tow cars that were here on the lot and he would rope it off for me at night," she says.

For her, the toughest part is explaining what happened to her two daughters.

"Our kids are becoming immune to someone dying every day. And that's the scary part," she says.

She hopes police catch who is responsible soon.

"My heart goes out to them, simply because...a lot of people...this killing is just taking over. It's not necessary. It needs to stop. It just needs to stop," says Anderson.

"At this time we're looking for one person. There may be more. It's still an ongoing investigation," says Hartwig.

Several neighbors and business owners told us the club is run by a man who also runs a daycare down the street. We tried reaching out to him for comment through an employee at the club, but have not heard back.

If you have any information that can help investigators solve this case, call the Chattanooga Police Department.