Seven days ago this home on Bill Jones wasn't here.

Thanks to more than a thousand volunteers, Thursday Steps2Hope will present Specialist Andrew Smith and his wife Tori with the keys.

6-year-old Eli Hartline is no doubt the youngest volunteer on site. He couldn't be more excited.

"I can't believe it," said Eli Hartline, Volunteer.

It's going to be good to get to see Andrew see everything," said Hartline.

"We're pretty excited to see it. Not pretty excited, we're both ecstatic," said Spc. Andrew Smith, Injured in Afghanistan.

Andrew and Tori haven't been allowed on site since Sunday, but Andrew has been looking for clues elsewhere.

"Yesterday on the news you said there's a special surprise that involved pug mix. I'm pretty excited to see what that's all about," said Spc. Andrew Smith

We won't give it away, just in case Andrew is watching. But we will tell you, the entire Chattanooga Swat Team spent their training day on the special project to be revealed Thursday.

Many of the men and women on the team have served in the military and say that inspired them to join team Andrew.

"Even though we've never worked with Andrew, there's still a brotherhood there that we understand. It's an honor to come out here and give what little that we can," said John Chambers, Chattanooga Swat.

A little from a lot of people to help remind one local soldier that his sacrifice will not be forgotten.

"Everyday 24/7. In the heat, in the rain, through the night, with no sleep. Chattanooga and the surrounding area is awesome. So thank you," said Spc. Andrew Smith.