David Perkle, owner of Donaldson's Printing Company in downtown Cleveland, walked into his shop Wednesday morning and was shin deep in water.

"It has really done some damage. I've lost a whole lot of expensive paper," Perkle says. "I went back home and started gathering up the crew."

His family, including his three granddaughters, answered the call. Perkle says he's lost a couple thousand dollars worth of paper and doesn't know if he has flood insurance or when his business will be back up and running.

"Tell you what, Mother Nature is getting mad at us right now," Perkle says.

Outside his shop doors and just down Inman Street crews had to rescue a stranded motorist after driving into high water early Wednesday morning. The spot has become a problem area for the city.

"The man hole cover, I've seen it lift up and water just going up in the air," explains Perkle.

A flood study is currently underway but it may be awhile before the downtown businesses and citizens see relief from heavy downpours.