Less than 24 hours until the big reveal, Wednesday was all about the finishing touches. Trim work, paint, the final nails and then the clean up.

Which leaves time to recruit more needed volunteers, says Jimmy Wilson, " We could use 50-75 people the rest of the day and we could put them to work the entire time."

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They hope to be done before the clock strikes midnight, but of course that's weather permitting. Not that these volunteers stop when the sky opens up but the rain does slow progress.

"We can't stop, not today, not yesterday and not before. We just push through, take cover when it's real bad and get back out when it let up a little bit," said Keith Ryan.

While mother nature irrigated Ryan, he was hooking up a state of the art irrigation system for Andrew and Tori.

Ryan said, "it's a lot of hard work and long hours but when you think about what it's for and what it's about it just makes it easier to deal with these kind of conditions."

The payoff for Ryan and the rest of Team Andrew will be handing over the keys on Thursday.