Some men had quite a scare early Wednesday morning.

Heavy rains caused flooding in Cleveland especially along the Greenway which runs parallel with Mouse Creek.

The three men were attempting to inner tube the swollen creek when they got stuck in some brush and were unable to get free.

Their cries for help were heard by bystanders who called 911.  Bradley County EMS, Cleveland Fire Department and Cleveland Police Department were responded to the call. 

All three victims were safely removed from the water. EMS transported a 29 year old male to Sky Ridge Medical Center for a check up.  The creek water was over the Greenway at the time of the rescue.

As risky as their ride was, the dare-devils didn't break any laws.

"It's a waterway so if you wanna fish in there or go down on a raft, it's not illegal," said Cleveland Police Public Information Officer Evie West.

With more rain on the way, Stan Clark with Bradley County EMS warns people to use common sense.

"With the upcoming rains we expect more flooding and water across roadways. Please do not attempt to enter fast moving water for any reason! Do not drive through water across the road. If you do get stalled in water call for help. Do not attempt to get out of your vehicle. Take these tips seriously as they can save your life," Clark said.