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#TeamAndrew: Finishing touches being put on wounded warrior's new home

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Volunteers have been forced back inside by the rain, but the day wasn't a complete wash.

In fact, the sun came out to allow for landscaping. Now it's just finishing touches.

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Day 6 of the week-long build got off to a wet and muddy start.

"It slowed us down and made the yard a bit messy. We're trying to get it ready," said Mark Wilson. 

But behind the clouds came the sun, and a slew of new volunteers. 

"We had two big groups of volunteers and at the last minute they couldn't come. Mark Wilson gets on the phone, gets a hold of you guys, gets a hold of us and all the sudden we've got 50 volunteers," said Jim Webster.

"Today we passed 1,000 volunteers on the site. And that's 1,000 different people that have come out this week," said Wilson.

Those volunteers went straight to work on the landscaping, provided by the Barn Nursery.

"The way they came together and they love each other and they pray together, it's just precious. You couldn't help but want to help and pitch in," said Cindy Webster.

Cindy and Jim Webster went the extra mile to give Specialist Andrew Smith and his wife Tori a yard they will love.

A vegetable garden and outdoor Christmas tree are just a few of the special touches.

"I'm sure there are going to be little Andrew's and little Tori's running around so they can decorate that," Jim Webster.

A house becoming a home inside and out. And in less than 48 hours Andrew and Tori will get the keys.

"I don't think we'll have any trouble at all finishing tomorrow," said Wilson.

There is one more special project Steps2Hope is working on. We've been asked to keep that secret until the reveal day.

To make it possible they need a gravel truck and pug mix. if you can help with that -- let us or Steps2Hope know.

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