A vehicle flipped over the guardrails from I-24 overpass Tuesday morning, landing in the warehouse area below the interstate.

The accident occurred near Exit 181, west of the ridge cut. Chattanooga Police and rescue personnel responded to the scene, and initially had some trouble locating the vehicle.

"Yeah, it was pretty scary. They were pulling a camper trailer and the camper trailer is totally destroyed," says Shane Bagley.

Shane Bagley was at work when heard a loud crashing noise behind the business.

"When we come around the corner, the trailer was coming off the side of the bridge and the little suv had already gone down beside the bridge," says Bagley.

The SUV was traveling down I-24 Westbound, when somehow it swerved into the wall, going over the edge.

The truck and a camper were found about twenty feet below the roadway in the brush. Right now, it's unclear if there are other vehicles involved.

"It started smoking, so I ran to get a fire extinguisher and they started opening the gates. And when we got in there, the driver was unconscious, but the passenger, she was shook up, but she was calling 911," says Bagley.

For Bagley, instinct kicked in.

"I used to be a volunteer fireman about 20 years ago, so my first instinct was to try to get to, inside, especially if it's on fire. I wanted to try to get them out or get the fire out."

He says thankfully, rescue workers were able to get the driver and passenger out.

"We were trying to get in to make sure they were alright and put the fire out, but the fire never really did anything. It was just kind of smoke on the motor, because it had been upside down. But they got them out," says Bagley.

From what he could tell, he thinks they will be ok.

"The driver's got some pretty good injuries, but I don't think there's anything life-threatening on either one of them," says Bagley.

Officials have not released the names or conditions of the passengers.

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