YouTube the World Wide Web's one stop for all things viral.

The "too cute."

The "too funny."

The "simply ridiculous."

This summer parents may be thinking, "I gotta pry my kids off YouTube"

Unless they spent some time talking video popularity with YouTube's Kevin Alloca, he's following a new trend and it's not silly dog tricks.

Education videos have become one of the fastest growing areas of the site.  Right now pet and animal videos are half of what education is getting.

Education videos, teachers on YouTube giving lessons in just about everything.

What if summer school got a whole lot more fun?

"My name is Mr. Hughes and I do the teaching through the YouTubes"

"Maybe a little morning mitosis and meisosis before a day at the pool."

"So we start with one cell and it makes an exact copy of itself."

Great teachers don't just teach, they perform, traditionally reaching a few dozen students a year.  The best teachers can now have a bigger stage that can reach hundred, thousands, hundreds of thousands.

Rob Tarrou has been teaching math for 18 years in Tampa, with some help from his wife he started posting videos on YouTube two years ago.

"The scope that you touch people's lives with the internet is just way beyond what I ever expected and at this point it's overwhelming, it's exciting, it's exhausting and I don't want to stop."

His videos now have more than a hundred thousand views from all over the world.

"He really broke it down in a way that I could understand it."
"You almost feel as if somebody is sitting beside you and he's teaching you something that's very easy."
"He explains it more thouroghly than any professor I've ever had."

A new twist on dreaded summer school now so cool, it's going viral.