Linda Bates wipes tears as she finds the strength to talk about her two lost grandchildren, River and Leland Bates, Monday. They died one year ago from over heating.

"Through God's wonderful grace, he's got us through," Linda says.

Autopsy results show the boys' core body temperatures were above 105 degrees. Their mother, Tasha Moses Bates, is charged in their deaths.
"I know that if she could give her life and bring her kids back she would do that," says Linda.

Tasha initially claimed the boys were outside on a Slip N' Slide. Investigators later determined they were inside a car for a period of time. River, 3, passed away the same day. His 5-year-old brother, Leland, was taken off life support the following day.

"I miss that smile, I miss that beautiful red head. I just miss everything about him," Linda says. "Leland had such a sweet spirit about him; I rarely look at a picture that he's not smiling."

Tasha also faces a number of drug charges in the incident. Linda believes drugs played a big role in the death of her grandchildren and hope their story may help prevent another family from going through the same thing.

"I would ask mothers to think about that, think about what happened to our family because of drugs," says Linda. "We love them and we miss them but we wouldn't bring them back to this world."

Tasha Bates is charged with two counts of felony murder, aggravated child abuse and a list of drug charges. Her trial is set to begin in August.