Andrew and Tori Smith played a role in designing their new home, but volunteers with Steps 2 Hope are trying to keep some element of surprise for Thursday's big reveal.

The Smiths have had all access all week to their new house. But starting today, they're banned from entering their own home. It's all to add to Thursday's element of surprise.

"We told them that they're not allowed anywhere near the build site until the big reveal," said Matt Coniglio. "We want to keep everything a secret."

Matt Coniglio runs social media for Steps 2 Hope, posting information to hundreds of friends and followers. You could say he's not the kind of guy used to keeping a secret.

"We're stopping posting on social media and pictures because we want to keep as much under wraps as possible," he said.

There's now a self-imposed social media photo blackout from the official Steps 2 Hope Facebook and Twitter accounts. Organizers said the couple wants to be surprised as well and will try to avoid social media for the rest of the build.

"I'm sure he's gonna be antsy," said Ryan Cannington. "I mean this is a big project going on and it's cool to see the progress every day but when he comes back, I think he's gonna be a little shell-shocked."

Ryan Cannington is a local flooring contractor working on the home. He said all his time spent volunteering will be worth it come Thursday.

"I think there's gonna be a lot of tears, a lot of tears," Cannington said. "This young man has his whole life ahead of him.."

The next chapter of this soldier's entire life will be unveiled on our Day of Independence.

"There's nothing quite like being genuinely surprised by something the first time. We're hoping they walk into their new house and seeing all this work and will just be blown away," said Coniglio.

The couple is still allowed on the property. In fact, Andrew spent much of the morning greeting volunteers at the entrance to his long driveway.