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Twinkies run

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With no Twinkies left a small victory for Dave Barry able to snag the last pack of Hohos.

His rush to the store followed a text from his wife requesting the Hostess treats for movie night.

Dave Barry, Twinkie fan, "I've got a five year old and a two year old and they've never had Twinkles before. And that's just so sad. "

Others feeling the same heartbreak tweeting photographs of empty shelves in the Hostess isle.

On E-Bay, Twinkies for sale costing hundreds, thousands even millions.  A joke? maybe.

Giancarlo Volpe, Twinkie fan, "I don't know that I would pay a hundred or a thousand. Yet, depends. Maybe ask me in a couple years when I'm really craving for one."

Whit Johnson, reporter, "Like many places, this Albertson's in Burbank is all out of Twinkies, Hoho's and Ding Dongs.
They do have some Hostess donuts left and some look-alikes. But, they're not quite the same."

For most it's nostalgia the commercials, those familiar, not so healthy products we all grew up with but can't seem to let go.

Dave Barry, Twinkie fan, "You never knew what you had until it's gone. You know we always take Twinkies for granted."

Giancarlo Volpe, Twinkie fan, "I haven't had that stuff in years and I think a lot of us are like don't do that to my childhood."

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